Some 12 months ago I had a range of medical checks to improve my health. At the conclusion it was recommended that I should meet with Susan Fruhman Nutrisential, as I needed to improve some nutritional deficiencies. Susan quickly ascertained and recommended the changes to my diet and exercise that were needed to start improvements.

At each monthly meeting since, Susan has extended the important changes that would give further benefit. Perhaps I should admit to being a little cynical, surprised and mostly unaware of the range of changes that I could adopt, but with the positive guidance received from Susan I am delighted with the progress made. I feel extremely lucky to have met Susan, I would recommend anyone to avail of her services, which are delivered in a proficient and pleasant manner.

Many thanks


About ten months ago I came to see Susan after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, and wanting to find a natural way to heal my body. I was in a lot of continuous discomfort and suffered from extremely painful stomach spasms.

Susan has been absolutely amazing! Very caring and understanding. I now feel a lot better and am seeing constant improvements in my health. I would definitely recommend Susan!

Thank you


Having lived with drug controlled Ulcerative Colitis for 35 years, I decided I wanted to do more to make my body stronger as I often felt exhausted and bloated even though I tried to eat a healthy balanced diet. Due to my illness I was aware that my colon was not absorbing all the good food I was trying to eat. Last year I met Susan, who told me about juicing for health and explained that Naturopathic Nutrition could positively support my chronic illness alongside drug treatment.

This is not a diet, it is a change of lifestyle and eating habits; if only I had had the information 35 years ago, I feel as though I wouldn’t have put all the wrong types of foods into my body. I couldn’t have made this change or met my challenges without Susan’s encouragement; supporting me through my dietary changes, advising on food sources and using supplementation specifically for my needs. Twelve months later I’ve lost and kept a stone off, I feel stronger, I’m not bloated, my skin is clearer and although I’m still juicing, I’m onto the next stage – my change of life with healthy organic nutrition. It is never too late to change your life.

Sincere thanks